Debenhams Employee Awards at Alton Towers With Schwing Swing Band & 1920s Dancers

The Debenhams Employee Awards is held every year to recognise the achievements of the companies staff. Brief: Debenhams were theming the event loosely on the 1920s era and wanted a band to play that style of music with dancers to accompany them and encourage guests to the dance floor. We supplied Schwing who also Debenhams […]

What Makes One Function Band More Expensive Than Another?

This is a question I get asked a lot. The UK Alliance of Wedding Planners asked me to write a guest blog post for them. This seemed like a great question to cover as I get asked it a lot by wedding planners as well as private clients. It was a two parter so take […]

Is a function band ‘professional’ just because you pay them to perform?

Well, there’s more to being professional than simply taking money for your services. Wikipedia defines a professional as “someone who is paid to undertake a specialized set of tasks and orchestrate them with uncommon skill”. This is all well and good and when you book a set of professional musicians you expect them to live […]

The Unseen Costs of Professional Function Bands – Part 2

In order for a band to grow and develop their repertoire, they need to invest in new arrangements, and the performance. Just like any product in a competitive market place professional function bands need to continually find new ways to differentiate themselves and better their offering.  In many cases new musical arrangements come at a […]

The Unseen Costs of Professional Function Bands – Part 1

In the current economic climate prospective clients have rightly become ever more value conscious. Wanting to see the band live before booking and have the ability to ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ what they are paying for has become the norm rather than the exception in the sales process.  Ultimately the question of ‘why does the band […]

Dispelling the Myths of Professional Function Bands – Part 3

“The client has no right to choose songs for the bands set list” This is simply wrong.  It’s vital that client’s receive value for money in all areas of booking a live band. Giving them the option to pick and choose songs they would like to hear is as important as giving them the unquestionable choice […]

Dispelling the Myths of Professional Function Bands – Part 2

“You have to see a live band before you book them” This is a no brainer, surely. Why would you NOT see the band before they show up at your event? You want to be able to get a sense of their style, their performance, their sound. You want to know what you’re getting for […]

Dispelling the Myths of Professional Function Bands – Part 1

Musicians are real perfectionists and they want each show to be better than their last. That’s exactly the same as what you, as an event manager, wants as well.I get asked a lot of questions about how bands prepare in the run up to an event, what they’re expected to do, and what they might […]